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Earn Vital Points for every purchase, product review, friend referral, and more, and redeem them for discounts and other great perks. Loyalty is rewarding!


Earn Rewards

We believe wellness is an award-worthy pursuit. That’s why as a Vital Plan Rewards member, you’ll earn redeemable Vital Points for each step you take toward enhancing your own well-being — or that of a loved one. That includes purchasing or reviewing a product, referring a friend, or even celebrating another birthday. These are just some of the ways we give back to our loyal members. Join us today!

8 Ways to Earn Vital Points

Redeem Your Vital Points

You can cash in your Vital Points once you've earned 500 or more. To do so, simply log into your customer account, go to the Rewards section, and click Redeem.

Earn Vital Points

Enjoy the Perks

Loyalty Level Perks

Vital Plan Rewards offers three membership tiers to our most loyal customers as a way of saying thanks. Every dollar spent earns Vital Points, and you gain more points and additional perks the more you engage with Vital Plan, including discounts and exclusive access to new products and events. Plus, the Vital Plan team may surprise you with bonus points when you least expect it.

Create an account

100 Points

Follow on Instagram

40 Points

Follow on Facebook

40 Points

Vital Plan Rewards Basics

Earning Vital Points

Create an Account

100 Vital Points

Follow Us on Facebook

100 Vital Points

Follow Us on Instagram

100 Vital Points

Celebrate Your Birthday

100 Vital Points

Review a Product

300 Vital Points

Share on Facebook

25 Vital Points

Place a Subscribe & Save Order

Varies by Level


Vital Points


cash voucher


cash voucher

500 Vital Points

Receive Vital Points by shopping and engaging in the Vital Plan community

Redeem your points for discounts, gifts, early access to products + more

Join our community of happy, vital customers today!

"I feel more empowered now. I know my body, and that I'm capable of treating myself and helping myself heal with the help of the right people to follow. I can do that. I feel like I'm more capable now, and I believe in myself more."


Level 2





(3000 - 5999pts)


$10 voucher




Vital Points Earned per Dollar Spent

Level-Up Bonus

Early Access to New Products

Exclusive Online Event with Dr. Bill Rawls

Bonus Points on Subscribe & Save Orders 

Level 3





(6000+ pts)


$20 voucher




Level 1





(0 - 2999pts)



Refer a Friend

1000 Vital Points


Vital Points


cash voucher


cash voucher

1000 Vital Points


Vital Points


cash voucher


cash voucher

1500 Vital Points


Vital Points


cash voucher


cash voucher

2000 Vital Points


Vital Points


cash voucher


cash voucher

2500 Vital Points

Activating Rewards

Loyalty Levels

Referring Friends

Applying Rewards to Current Subscriptions


Place an Order

Varies by Level

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And More Ways to Earn Are Coming!

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How to Redeem Your Vital Points

1.  Sign in to your Vital Plan Store Account (if you're having trouble, you may need to create an account using your purchase email address).
2.  Click the red Rewards button at the bottom, left corner of your screen to see your Vital Points total (like shown).

Why are Subscribe & Save and non-Subscribe & Save coupons separate?